Our Vision

Our Vision

The Beginning.

NativeMD Natural Supplement

Our company roots began in New England, in a town south of Boston, Massachusetts, where the founder of NativeMD® has lived his entire life. About thirteen years ago a very close family member fell extremely ill, which generated a great level distress and worry. This uncertain, new period in his life was now occupied with doctor visits, tests, and the day-to-day management of an unexpected illness. All of this, visibly unsettling, began to make him question whether our bodies were receiving enough of the right nutrients to protect our immune system, our bodies, and reinforce our health.

Following many months of research, it soon became clear that we were being barraged by external influences and toxins, but also that mainstream pharmaceutical solutions may not be the best path forward for improved health. However, regarding this family situation, it was all about resolving a serious health concern. This very intimate and eye-opening experience fueled his passion for health and wellness, and was the inspiration that propelled him to start NativeMD®.

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Our Plan to Create A Healthier World.

Our company was founded with the fundamental belief that the human body is precious and that we only get one. Therefore, it is our responsibility to protect and care for it. As a new company, we began to strategize how we could help people with their toughest health challenges. The original model was to create nutritional, food-based products – and supplements, to feed and enhance the body back to robust health. However, today we have evolved into something far more significant producing cutting-edge supplements that people need.

First, we globally source the most operative ingredients and raw materials for each of our formulas. The team here at NativeMD® also assumes the commanding role in the formulation and manufacturing of every product. Our data and science-based approach to wellness is unparalleled; we are always striving to design products that can deliver results that will make a real difference in people’s lives. Our focal point is to deliver positive changes that people can feel and experience. With many years of researching and developing world-class formulations, we are fanatical when it comes to wellness and are devoted to building a better, healthier world for all of us to live in.

Simplified Wellness. Formulation Expertise.

Generally speaking, we recognize that supplements are not meant to be a substitute for proper care of your body, but rather to fill gaps in our diet and lifestyle, and support people with specific nutrient deficiencies and imbalances. At NativeMD®, our formulations are designed with the guidance of Holistic Health Practitioners who understand these potential imbalances, and how to avoid and address them. Our products are intelligently crafted to achieve maximum efficacy. Our team has in-depth knowledge of how ingredients function in the body, we understand the proper application of dosages, and how ingredients can each work synergistically within a formula to achieve real results.

In fact, before introducing a new product to the marketplace, our research and development team tests many different formulation arrangements. Our approach is simple: we won’t ask you to put something in your body that we haven’t already tried ourselves. While this process is assuredly labor and time intensive, this method to product development is one of the central reasons we rise above everyone else. Your best health and quality of life truly matters to us.

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