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Amanda Prado

MEET Dr. Amanda Prado

Dr. Amanda Prado is a traditional Naturopath, Holistic Health Practitioner, Holistic Nutritionist, and Product Formulator. Amanda has recognized the fact that nutrition is just one of the key pillars to great health and must be addressed first before anything else. Along with the team at NativeMD, she has worked ardently to help design the most effective formulations that will promote real therapeutic benefits.

Amanda believes scientifically sound data, along with the sacred principles of herbalism, are at the foundation of great product formulations. She also takes the position that many of the ailments we see from people today are mostly a direct result of the imbalances in the body. So, by supplying the body with the right balance of key vitamins, minerals, and herbs that are required to function properly, we also optimize our health to support longevity and wellness.

Let’s Build A Vibrant New You.

Choosing the right supplement to meet your requirements can be an overwhelming process. NativeMD & Dr. Prado have aligned to bring you real solutions that will impact your life.

Tele-health Consultations on-Demand

We can deliver to you the most efficacious supplements on the market to advance your health, coupled with the ability to book a remote consultation and tailor a program that can meet your exact needs.

Healthy Foods

Nutritional Consultations

Dr. Prado offers personal consultations to discuss and address any health imbalances or deficiencies that you may have. She will provide recommendations for optimal nutrition and offer easily implementable health-lifestyle interventions.


Targeted, Individual Support

Amanda can also assist you with direct and specific support to address all your health challenges and goals. She will create a unique and customized program that is built for results.

Wellness Simplified.

Consciously made supplements from start to finish

We’re not changing the world,
We are here to help change yours.

If we have learned one thing in life is with our food, the water we drink, and the air we breathe, it is undeniably necessary to seek out natural solutions to meet our toughest health concerns. Historically, many of us have relied on unhealthy mainstream alternatives, which ultimately do not deliver the desired changes. As a result, your health and wallet have suffered. At NativeMD, we’re changing that.

Your Happiness matters.
Try our Products RISK-FREE


Your Happiness matters. Try our Products RISK-FREE


At NativeMD, our customer’s satisfaction will always come first. Our team works very hard to create products that can make a real difference in people’s lives. However, what we have learned is everyone’s body and health goals are unique and diverse. While we can’t guarantee you’ll love our supplements and products, we do guarantee if you don’t we will return your money.

No questions asked.